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Web Access

Overview of Features: WebAccess HMI / SCADA software Overview

Benefits: WebAccess HMI / SCADA software Benefits

WebAccess Network Architecture Network Architecture

Turn an ordinary Web Browser into an industrial HMI (Human Machine Interface)  CLIENT

Turn a HandHeld Computer or PDA into an industrial HMI (Human Machine Interface)  Thin CLIENT

Communicate to PLCs, Controllers, DCS, DDC and traditional control systems enabling ordinary Web Browsers, HandHelds and PDAs to view and control in real-time.  SCADA Node

Remotely build graphics and configure databases, alarms, trends, scripts and reports through an ordinary web browser.  PROJECT Node

Remotely build graphics and configure databases, alarms, trends, scripts and reports through an ordinary web browser. Device Drivers

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WebAccess solutions for Semiconductor
WebAccess software improves business processes, with remote servicing and diagnostics of manufacturing systems.

The value of WebAccess HMI and SCADA software to semiconductor equipment suppliers is significant. WebAccess software allows you to improve your business processes, providing you with:

  • More productive field service personnel
  • Optimized maintenance processes
  • A new support tool that pays for itself in reduced service cost
  • And a flexible solution customized to meet remote access requirements

For your customers WebAccess offers:

  • Improved machine availability, productivity, and efficiency
  • Reduced mean-time to detect, diagnose, and repair
  • Network and data security
  • Lower total cost of ownership

WebAccess meets the needs of  semiconductor equipment suppliers, and chip makers better than any other HMI. with remote diagnostics capabilities. This is accomplished through firewall friendly, bi-directional communications, insuring the highest level of security for fabs, yet allowing you to provide unmatched service and support.

Remote diagnostics over the Internet reduce equipment downtime and optimize production. The ability for  vendors, system integrators, suppliers and technical support personnel to connect to their equipment at a remote facility via the Internet:

  • Enable remote experts to help diagnose and repair equipment quickly or remotely configure it for initial setup.
  • Monitor remotely to detect issues before they occur, even detect and flag equipment variations from baseline performance 

Benefits of Web Access

The benefits of WebAccess include:

  • Monitor remotely to detect issues before they occur, even detect and flag equipment variations from baseline performance.
  • Potential to gain new markets, improve position in currently served markets and gain a general competitive edge.
  • Reduce labor costs through a reduction in training time, leveraging existing skill level, remote problem resolution (reduction in travel related expenses), etc.
  • Reduction of Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

Remote Diagnostics and Monitoring

WebAccess provides the means to proactively monitor, remotely access, diagnose, and communicate with thousands of devices worldwide with complete security through corporate firewalls to your information systems. Remote diagnostics reduce your reliance on customers for information related to maintenance and troubleshooting, minimizing downtime.

In the US medical device market, statistics show that 15 to 20% of all service calls result in "no problem found." WebAccess can enable you to reduce or eliminate these needless service calls. Remote diagnostics also provide the ability for the service technician to determine what parts or materials are needed based on a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the fault conditions and root causes before going to the customer site.

Remote Maintenance and Upgrade Capability

WebAccess can be utilized to remotely maintain or modify system software from a centralized location, without the need to send service technicians in the field, or to rely on the customer to perform the upgrade. 

Automated Notification

WebAccess has the capability to notify through a variety of mechanisms, including real-time alarming when problems occur, or when certain monitored parameters fall outside predefined levels. 

FMCS Application of WebAccess in Semiconductor

The semi-conductor applications for WebAccess are focused on Facilities Monitoring and Control System, FMCS. The major tasks for these facilities management are clean room control, pure water systems, chemical and material supply, toxic gas monitoring and supply, power system monitoring and waste water treatment.

12" DRAM Fabrication facility

A Qimonda Joint venture constructed a new 12" DRAM Fabrication facility. This new Fab-2 was commissioned in March 2007 and uses Broadwin WebAccess SCADA software to implement the Facilities Monitoring and Control System.

The Facilities Monitoring and Control System at the FAB monitors:
  • High Purity De-Ionized Water
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Chemical Supplies
  • Industrial Gases
  • Electricity 
  • HVAC
  • Fire Alarms.

Figure 1 - Redundant SCADA nodes and redundant PLCs for De-Ionized Water system control

The FMCS provides continuous electric power to all FAB equipment, provides a constant supply of process gases and chemicals, provides pure De-Ionized water for processing, controls treatment of wastewater, optimizes HVAC systems for Class 1 and Class 100 clean room environments, monitors gas and chemical consumption, provides alarm messages for operators throughout the facility, monitors hazardous gas and chemical transport systems for leaks, and monitors all systems for fire prevention and personnel safety.

The High Purity Water system, the Power & Electrical system, the Gas Monitoring system, the HVAC system, the I&C Safety system,  the Waste Water Treatment Systems and the Drain Systems each use two pairs of redundant SCADA nodes running Broadwin WebAccess HMI & SCADA software to provide graphical interface, supervisory control and monitoring. The Alarm panel system uses an additional 5 WebAccess SCADA nodes.  And the remainder of the Facilities  systems use an additional 10 pair of redundant WebAccess SCADA nodes. A failure in the primary SCADA node results in a seamless switch to the backup SCADA node.   A total of 68 WebAccess SCADA nodes are used throughout the facility. Redundant Siemens Simatic S7-414H and non-redundant S7-414 PLC (programmable logic controllers) provide primary control and IO.

The reliability of the entire manufacturing facility plays an important role in increasing production yields. For example, a constant supply of consumable supplies is critical to IC fabrication. In addition, a fire accident could destroy the processing equipment, or toxic gas leaks could endanger personnel. The Facility Monitoring and Control System (FMCS) must respond immediately under critical conditions and provide continuous data access.

About the Qimonda Joint Venture

The Qimonda JV was incorporated on January 23rd, 2003. Founded as a joint venture by Qimonda AG (Qimonda; formerly the memory products division of Siemens AG and, later, Infineon Technologies AG)  and Nanya Technology Corporation, the production facility has been designed to manufacture high-density and high-performance commodity DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) products using state of the art trench technology. Through the contribution of Qimonda’s world leading technology and Nanya’s cost efficiency in mass production, the joint venture has developed into an innovative company, which is highly productive, highly competitive and on the leading edge within the DRAM industry.

About BroadWin Technology

BroadWin Technology, Inc., headquartered in San Ramon, California, is the innovative supplier of industrial automation software, with installations worldwide. The company recently introduced WebAccess, the industry’s first fully web browser-based software package for human-machine interfaces (HMI), and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). Internet Explorer 7.0 supports all features of WebAccess. For more information, visit BroadWin’s web site at

Chances are, not every company will choose to enhance its existing control systems with state-of-the art web technology. The choice is to make web technology work for you.

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